Phoenix – 2011 Achievements – 27th of January 2012

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As the year passed by we all got some time to make new year’s resolutions and think of good and bad experiences we had in the past, think of our achievements and goals that only have to be achieved. The year 2011 was a year of struggle for Amur tigers’ and leopards’ survival as it always is for the Phoenix Fund whose mission is to conserve rich biodiversity of the Russian Far East. The best way to appraise the accomplishments is to look at bare numbers. Which we did and want to share with you. That is what we achieved in the year 2011:

  • detained 104 poachers
  • seized 55 weapons
  • supported 72 law enforcement inspectors
  • conducted 11 workshops
  • put out 53 forest fires
  • developed 7 eco-tours
  • funded 62 small grant
  • 255  publications and airing made by journalists with Phoenix’ support
  • 48,250 people were influenced by our outreach programs


Phoenix achievements of 2011