ZSL building patrols in Dangku

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Using handheld GPS units during training © ZSL

ZSL first proposed the multi-stakeholder wildlife patrol monitoring to BKSDA in April 2011. We had been seeing Sumatran tigers and other wildlife on our camera traps since 2009 in the Dangku Wild life reserve and wanted to do more work there. The first patrol was done in July 2011 and continued every 8 weeks until our funding arrived from 21st Century Tiger.  With match funding from the provincial South Sumatra BKSDA since December 2011 we have now been able to undertake monthly patrols.

The patrol teams are people from the local community; companies that have are stakes in the land such as logging concession and Oil Palm estates, as well as representatives from local government bodies that have legal jurisdiction across the areas patrolled.

The help from the community members and their in-depth knowledge of the area and its environment was fundamental each month in deciding on the best patrol routes. The Community Rangers (CR) within the team gets the communities involved and supportive.

The Community Rangers learn more about Indonesian laws that support conservation efforts such as wildlife species that it is illegal to hunt or kill such as the Sumatran Tiger or Sun Bear.  As a result of ZSL community engagement, six community members from 4 villages have joined the team to provide a on the ground support and technical advice unit to the BKSDA Rangers.

To increase the skills and knowledge of the patrol team, ZSL carried out training and capacity building in patrolling technique and wildlife monitoring using MIST (Management of Information System for Tiger). ZSL trainers were joined by YABI (Yayasan Badak Indonesia) the Indonesian Rhino Foundation, who were on one of the first conservation group to begin wildlife patrolling and protection in earnest and so brought specialist wildlife survey skills to the training.