Fundraising for tigers at Banham Primary School

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Banham Primary School had a great time earlier this month fundraising for 21st Century Tiger, here is what they got up to:

Banham Primary School dress for tiger success


Each year Banham Primary school’s council choose a charity to raise money for, this year they picked 21st Century Tiger. Their first fundraising event was a “Tiger Day” held on the 16th of November.

A few weeks earlier Esther from 21st Century Tiger, made a visit to the school to fill the pupils in on our projects, threats to wild tigers and the importance of tiger conservation.

Each pupils donated £1 to 21st Century Tiger, so they could come to school dressed as a tiger or sporting tiger colours, orange and black.  It was a fun-filled and educational day about tigers, during which they held a tiger themed poetry competition. Tom and Holly, the winners took home tiger-themed prizes donated by Banham Zoo.

Here are the winning poems:

Tigers are great, tigers are fun,

Tigers are really fast when they run.

Tigers are great catchers of meat

Because that is what they like to eat.

Tigers have really loud roars,

Tigers have big claws on their paws.

I want to help tigers survive,

to keep them all safe and alive.

(Holly – Year 3)

Tigers are scary


They could kill you

Don’t keep tigers as pets

Sharp Claws




(Tom – Year 1)

Thank you Banham Primary School for your donation and spreading the importance of wild tiger conservation to the next generation.

21st Century Tiger contributes to a number of educational projects that raise the awareness of wild tiger conservation issues. If you would like to find out more, visit our Tiger Conservation section. An example of working with children in Russia, can be seen at  Environmental Education as a Means to Conserve the Amur Tiger.