EIA: CITES – too little time for tigers

Posted on Mar 16, 2013 in News | 1 comment

Too little time was spent on tigers at the recent CITES CoP16 meeting in Thailand according to our collegues at Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA).

Debbie Banks, head of EIA’s tiger campaign who was present throughout the conference said:

The threats facing the tiger really didn’t get a good airing at CoP16, with much of the work done behind the scenes. Over the course of the 10-day meeting there was only about 15 minutes available for Parties to intervene from the floor to share their concerns with the rest of the international community. Unfortunately, there was no time at all for non-government organisations to speak out.

Nevertheless, all was not lost as the CITES Secretariat will oversee a review of efforts to combat illegal trade and to end trade in parts and products of captive-bred tigers. Despite China, Indonesia and Thailand wanting to delay the process until 2016, India, the USA and the EU argued that the situation was critical and a two-thirds majority of the Parties voted in favour of  a much earlier deadline to complete the review and recommend further action – summer 2014.

Read the full EIA blog.

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  1. The plight of tigers in the world is dire, the same for elephants, rhinos, bears and many other animals. The brutal killings for Far Eastern ornaments, trinkets, traditional oriental medicines must stop. No country has a right to kill and trade in animals around the world.