China’s role in the endangered wildlife trade – my angst

Posted on Mar 19, 2013 in News | 0 comments

Grace Gabriel, Regional Director IFAW Asia, whose work has been supported by 21st Century Tiger writes a thoughtful piece in China Dialogue on the endangered wildlife trade.

The criticisms leveled at China at the recent CITES meeting, left Grace feeling ashamed, impatient and indignant as Chinese officials disregarded China’s international role and image.

It isĀ  a handful of Chinese people with their extravagant requirements that have brought such disgrace and blame, but it is the country that must foot the bill”

“Our 5,000 years of civilisation is brimming with knowledge and ethics on how to coexist with nature, and not about digging our own grave, and jeopardising our future with our arrogance and stupidity”.

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