Wildlife and forest crime, the 4th largest transnational crime

Posted on Apr 30, 2013 in News | Comments Off on Wildlife and forest crime, the 4th largest transnational crime

Following the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice (CCPCJ) on 26 April, Member States lined up to support a resolution which recognises wildlife and forest crime as an increasingly sophisticated form of transnational organised crime. It encourages member states to treat this as serious crime and to adopt the necessary legislation and penalties for the prevention, investigation and prosecution of such trafficking.

EIA produced a video highlighting the effects of wildlife and forest crime that features some staggering statistics covering the vast breath of these crimes.

In a joint statement to the meeting, EIA and WWF said recognition of the serious, transnational and organised nature of wildlife and forest crime, 12 years on from the first discussion of these crimes under the UN General Assembly, is a crucial step forward.

The increased commitment shown at the meeting comes at a time when poaching of wildlife and illicit timber trade is surging. To date, the enforcement response has been inadequate, with seizures rarely leading to prosecutions and environmental crimes generally having one of the lowest conviction rates.

EIA will monitor the implementation of the resolution agreed, and will continue to push for the full armoury of anti-crime measures to be applied against the powerful syndicates behind many wildlife and forest crime.

A joint briefing by EIA, WWF and TRAFFIC for the 22nd Session of the CCPCJ has been released and can be read here, www.eia-international.org/wildlife-and-forest-crime-ccpcj22.