Great Kerinci Snare Sweep – Outsmarting the poachers

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Esther, 21st Century Manager is currently on her way to Sumatra (via Jakarta) to visit some of the amazing projects that we are funding at the moment.

One of her first stops is the Kerinci Seblat project.

The major issue affecting the wild tiger population in this area is poaching.  In the lead up to Ramadan &  Hari Raya, opportunists have traditionally taken advantage of this time to lay additional snares and traps knowing that many officials will not be working.

To fight back Kerinchi park officials lead teams of volunteers from local communities and various conservation support organisations (including FFI) in the Great Kerinci Snare Sweep.  The event launched slightly early this year and one team from Jambi have already managed to discover and remove 13 tiger snares!  Amazing news for the four tigers whose territories are in that particular area.

This has led officials to believe they need to be even more vigilant this year. Upon arrival Esther will be straight out into the harsh mountainous landscape of Kerinci on her first ever sweep!

We will keep you updated on her and the teams progress.

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