Great Kerinci Snare Sweep

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Great Kerinci Snare Sweep  – winners announced!

Snares confiscated in KSNP June 2013

Snares confiscated in KSNP June 2013

Without further ado….

The Winner.. M Rosali and his TPCU III Jambi team who destroyed a total of 16 active tiger snares (in two different districts of the park) 290 active deer snares (poachers arrested and passed into custody of the national park) and 30 ground bird snares.

Score total 23,100.

Brilliant work M! Congratulations!

Second place:…Jhonisman and TPCU II Bengkulu with a total of six active tiger snares found and destroyed on two patrols, 144 active deer snares (92 on the same patrol as four of the active tiger snares destroyed and 55 bird snares.

Score total – 11,470

Third place tied..Endi and his team (Endi joined us in January 2013 as Leader of the new TPCU VI Bengkulu) which  tied with Muslim TPCU III up in Jambi who kicked off actions with destruction of 13 active tiger snares up in Muara Imat on the Kerinci-Merangin district borders in early June.


In total over the last six weeks (and while fasting from Dawn to Dusk for the last three), the six TPCUs  actively destroyed (a truly shocking) 40 active tiger snares in national park forests – 80% found as a result of covert investigations or community information networks, 564 active deer snares and 79 bird snares.

Two deer poachers (the individuals who placed a total of 270 snares in one site in the park) were also arrested  and a further nine men (from another park-edge province and district) on suspicion of poaching helmeted hornbills. These individuals were later released on bail and their high-powered airguns confiscated.