Banham Zoo – you can name their tiger cubs!

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One of the girls needing a name!

One of the girls needing a name!

21st Century Tiger is delighted that Banham Zoo, whose Amur tigers have recently had two female tiger cubs, are auctioning the naming rights on eBay to raise funds for wild tiger conservation.

Bidding starts at just 99p but the honour of naming the young cubs will go to the highest bidders over the 10 day long auction. The winners will also get the chance to receive a behind the scenes tour of the tiger facility for two people.

The chosen names for the cubs will be permanently registered with the international stud book for Amur tigers. The pair will remain at the zoo for around 18 months after which they will be mature enough to be transferred to other zoos within the European Breeding Programme, helping to preserve this species future.

All the funds raised will go toward the projects supported by 21st Century Tiger.

If you would like to take part and make a bid visit eBay.

The bidding will continue until 4.30 on 29th August so don’t forget to add it to your watch list and schedule your bid. It’s going to be an amazing last minute frenzy!

Good luck!


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