Lynne Gorrie – close shave for 21st Century Tiger

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Lynne Gorrie at Blackpool Zoo

Lynne Gorrie at Blackpool Zoo

Our friend Lynne Gorrie is at it again!

Do you remember when Lynne cut off her locks in 2010 and had them coloured in tiger stipes? This year Lynne is joining inthe fun and games of Halloween at Blackpool Zoo and shaving off all her hair as part of the zoo’s week-long tiger activities at half term.

You can watch Lynne being shorn by the stylist  Katie Mayor from Preston Jo and Cass Hair and Beauty Salon in the Big Cat House at Blackpool Zoo on 31st October  in aid of 21st Century Tiger.

Jude Rothwell, Marketing and PR Coordinator at Blackpool Zoo, said: “Lynne has raised thousands through numerous events in the past four years and her work for tigers is tireless.

If you can’t get to Blackpool that day to support Lynne, please do show your support by donating to her JustGiving page at

“Blackpool Zoo wouldn’t be the same without Lynne and all the keepers and staff know her well, she always has a smile and a wave and she is extremely knowledgeable about all our animals.

Lynne, who is a keen photographer and often shares her photos with 21st Century Tiger says: “Tigers are such majestic creatures and I fell in love with Zambar when he arrived in 2010. Since then I have taken thousands of pictures of him and I was very excited when he was joined by a new mate, Alyona, last year.”

“My hair will grow back, but when tigers are gone they are gone forever, which will be terrible.”

“I have dedicated years to fundraising for tigers and will continue for as long as I can.”

Thank you Lynne!