Saving tigers – a brief review of 2013

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Saving tigers


We take a huge  pride in ensuring EVERY single penny we raise goes to saving tigers.

NGOs and conservationists make proposals to 21st Century Tiger to fund their wild tiger conservation projects.

Once received, we select a panel of impartial conservationists, tiger specialists, vets and scientists who assess proposals.

If/when a majority decision is made that a proposal is deemed effective, 21st Century Tiger agree to a funding & reporting schedule.

We never spend YOUR money on admin, advertising, or biscuits!

Below are some highlights from three projects you made possible in 2013.

Next year we are excited to be extending our work to India and Nepal.

Once again, thanks for all your support giving wild tigers a future.


Crissie & Esther,

21st Century Tiger


Our projects – Indonesia

 FFI – Protecting Kerinci Seblat National Park; part of a project launched in 2010

During January – June this year, 68 foot patrols covering 1100Km (683 miles) of protected land, 64 tiger presence records were made. These encouraging results show the tiger population as stable or slightly improving – despite increased threat from organised poachers.

In this period 51 active tiger snares were seized and destroyed, shockingly later in the year during Ramadan month an additional 40* were discovered.  In 2012 only 20 were found.

14 arrests were made by TPCUs in July as a result of information received during this reporting period, followed by actual convictions in November this year.  These are the first prison sentences dole out to tiger poachers and we hope will set a precedent for future prosecutions.

Whilst we want to remain upbeat about progress, between Jan – June patrols reported clear evidence of the deaths of not fewer than four tigers, including a mother and her juvenile cub.

As poaching continues to rise our continued work in the area becomes essential.  We’ve just launched a campaign to sponsor one of the anti-poaching units and we will be pushing this in the new year.

Sponsor an anti-poaching unit








Thanks to the lovelies at Auckland Zoo we also managed to send a team this bad boy…

The chosen vehicle

The chosen vehicle











CDV Veterinary Monitoring Campaign; We asked you to help us raise funds for this WVI project in Sumatra.

Tiger Disease Monitoring Appeal

(c) 21st Century Tiger & WVI campaign

We raised an astounding £2500, and the network and project was successfully launched a month later!

Tiger conservation in action

The launch of the CDV disease monitoring network in Sumatra.









Our projects – Malaysia

MYCAT; Supporting anti-poaching efforts together with citizen volunteers in the Yu River Wildlife Corridor and Taman Negara National Park.  

In 2013 you provided enough funding for over 400 volunteers to undertake an average 2-3 CAT walks a month and 3  CAT Border Walks in the year.

Between them, they discovered and reported six poacher and logging sites.  Actual encounters with poachers dropped from 11 to zero.  The total of snares discovered and destroyed was only 2 in the first 6 months of the project, down hugely from the previous reporting period.

We will be publishing a full report on the July- Dec period in the new year.

Pictorial Report – Sg Yu April 2013

*Approximate.  Much of the information we receive from FFI we cannot publicly publish in case it interferes with active investigations.





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  1. Excellent progress thanks to all those silent heroes who are making an effort to protect such a beautiful animal !