Great Kerinci Snare Sweep – and the winners are!

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You may remember we told you last month of how the Kerinci Seblat Tiger Protect and Conservation Units (TPCUs), Coodinated by Fauna and Flora International, deal with the increase in poaching in the weeks leading up to the end of Ramadan. The feasts of Idul Fitri, or Hari Raya as they call it in Indonesia, increase demand for poached meat.

Established as an incentive while the teams are fasting, this snare collection month has since become an annual competition leading to earnest rivalry between the different units.

Without further ado and a fanfare of trumpets, we announce the winners of the 2014 Snare Sweep…

In First Place the winning team are:

M Rozali and his Unit (TPCU III) with 5667 points –  most of these were won in the final 2 days of The Sweep in forest on the Kerinci Merangin district borders.

Second Place goes to Muslim and TPCU II  – who were tidily in the lead until “pipped at the post” by M – with 5,341 points. He still got 36 active deer snares and 39 bird and small mammal snares.

TPCU rangers cutting a tiger snare. Credit: FFI

TPCU rangers cutting a tiger snare. Credit: FFI

Third Place, a hugely respectable 4000 points, goes to Endi Mistanto and his TPCU VI (which was only fully activated last year)  although pak Nurhamidi, Bengkulu teams coordinator deserves a mention on this one as he joined Endi on one of the patrols which found and destroyed five (500 points x 5) active tiger snares just after the start of Ramadan in June. It was during that patrol that the rangers came across a new type of snare construction that was so impossible to see that three of the rangers got caught in them themselves!

The Panel of Judges decided to award a consolation prize to Jhonisman’s TPCU V who ‘only’ scored 600 points (for finding and destroying 30 active deer snares  (50 points per active snare  as well as numerous small mammal and bird snares) but who had to cut short one patrol after arresting a group of illegal loggers and confiscating their (two) chainsaws and carrying them out of the forest in the intense lowland heat of Bengkulu… while fasting from dawn till dusk.

A tiger's pugmark found by the team in Bengkulu. Credit: FFI

A tiger’s pugmark found by the team in Bengkulu. Credit: FFI`

In all, a truly shocking total of 25 active tiger snares were found and destroyed by the six TPCUs during the six weeks of the Great Kerinci Snare Sweep 2014 – all on patrols (5) launched on the basis of investigations or tip offs.

The men are now on a well-deserved break with their families and preparing to celebrate the great Muslim festival of Idul Fitri and for now, at least, the tigers in the areas where those snares were destroyed are safer.

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