Poach to Order

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You are all invaluable members of our Tiger Team.  While in reality we fight a tiny part of the battle to protect wild tigers, the fact  is, you are here with us making a huge difference.

Our largest beneficiary, the Tiger Conservation and Protection Units (TCPUs) in Kerinci Seblat National Park, Sumatra have just sent us their interim report.   We transferred £25,000 in January this year (more will be sent later in the year) to Fauna and Flora International (FFI) who coordinate this project. This is how it has been spent.

Tiger protection summary

Tiger Protection Report

Kerinci Seblat Tiger Protection – Interim Report 2014

The contining major concern is the organised, international criminal syndicates that command a ‘poach to order’ system against endangered wildlife in the forest.  Whilst you may assume poachers would be poor, struggling locals – the Units must instead contend with organised and targetted attacks.

The reality is that as well as patrolling and protecting an area the size of The Netherlands, on foot, through harsh terrain – 90% of active tiger snares were located and destroyed thanks to information gathered.  Undercover investigations in eight districts have taken place in this period, gathering intelligence on illegal hunting and trade routes.

Convictions, but with low sentences highlighting the need to gather as much evidence as possible, not only against the poachers, but the ‘Bosses’ that are making the orders in the early stages of investigation.  A short sentence isn’t only bad news for the tigers, but for the Units who are quite literally risking their lives to protect Kerinci Seblat.

The report we share with you, has been edited to remove information that cannot be shared publicly, but gives a great insight into the hard, brave attitude that these Units take to work.  While they won’t be happy to admit, in this period, three rangers fell foul to newer, sophisticated and nearly invisible tiger snares.  Though nothing more than pride was hurt, it renews our determination to do all we can to protect wild tigers.

As ever, we send our eternal thanks to all the team in Sumatra, and all of you wonderful donors & supporters who’re making it possible to give wild tigers a future.

Being a part of the team is easy, share our reports, pictures or check out how to sponsor or donate to the Tiger Protection Units here.

Best wishes,

Crissie & Esther, 21CT