2014 Tiger News

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Thank you for supporting wild tigers through 21st Century Tiger

It’s been a while since our last big update, the end of the year has made me realise how much we’ve managed to do this year – but how much more work we still have to do to give wild tigers a future.

On that note, we are pleased to confirm, thanks to your continued support, a transfer of a first tranche of funds to the FFI “Kerinci Seblat Tiger Protection and Conservation 2015” project, for work starting on 01/01/2015.

We have been supporting this project since 2000, and are delighted to continue to contribute to the essential work of the anti-poaching teams.  As well as contributing to the day-to-day activity of the units; our long-term support means that this project can also continue to build on work with Government, local  and national law enforcement to ensure that wildlife crime is being tackled from all angles.

You might have seen Tigers About the House, on the BBC earlier this year?  Well, they’re back for a second, two-part documentary on December 31 at 7:00pm and January 1 at 7:30pm,  on BBC1.  Giles, Australia Zoo Tiger Keeper will be back in Kerinci Seblat National Park with his family, and if you didn’t catch the first part – it’s a great opportunity to understand the harsh terrain and circumstances the tiger protection units work in.  If you want to directly support this work and send a thank you message to the units working in Kerinci Seblat Sumatra – check this out.

This year we have also continued to support MYCAT in Malaysia, as well as two projects in India.  As part of the terms and conditions of our funding – all projects have to submit reports to us. Whilst not all the information in these reports can be shared in the public domain, we publish the interim and full end of year reports on the respective project pages here on our website.  We encourage you to read these documents so that you can see in more depth how valuable your support is to wild tiger conservation.

Finally, our project review teams have also been busy looking at new proposals – fingers crossed, after some tweaking we’ll be announcing a new project early on in 2015.

A huge thank thanks to all our donors who have made it possible for us to support such valuable wild tiger conservation work in 2014.  This includes all the wonderful zoos and fundraising individuals who’ve made this a grrrreat year for wild tigers.

All the best,

Crissie & Esther
21st Century Tiger