Update from Dhaka – tiger stocktake

Posted on Jan 10, 2015 in News | Comments Off on Update from Dhaka – tiger stocktake

AlexSliwa_Indiantiger_7The second Global Tiger Stocktake Conference of the Global Tiger Initiative (GTI) was held in September 2014. The meeting resulted in the Dhaka Recommendations.

Now a further document is available: From Dhaka Forward – Advancing Implementation of the Global Tiger Recovery Program (Reference Note 1. November 2014) showing how much progress has been made in government supported conservation efforts.

After being established in 2010 at the St Petersburg Tiger Summit,  the GTI published a declaration, signed by all tiger range countries, that they would double the wild tiger population by 2022 the next Chinese Year of the Tiger.

In 2011, the GTI, under the leadership of the World Bank, released the Global Tiger Recovery Plan (GTRP). The 2014 Dhaka meeting provided an opportunity for tiger range countries to report on their progress in implementing the GTRP in addition to identifying the challenges going forward. Full details of the stocktake will be available in detail by each country to see how key performance indicators have been met.

In 2014 The World Bank announced it was  “aiming to phase out its role in the GTI Secretariat by June 30, 2015″ to focus on the funding elements, and new coordination is due to be announced in March 2015.


Much more information is available on the Global Tiger Initiative website.