About your Report…

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Latest blog to 21st Century Tiger February 2015, from Debbie Martyr, FFI Kerinci Seblat Tiger Protection Team ahead of our annual report… 

In theory, at least, a  Report to a Donor is simple enough.  What did you say you would do?  What did you actually do?  And what were the results…?

So you take a deep breathe and put a few days to one side to write up a full year’s hard work across four provinces of Sumatra …..but first, you take a look at the Proposal .  That’s when you remember  all the Sections …Objectives and then Methodology and then, hmmm,  Evaluation and then Indicators ..and hmm  Outputs..  Reach for cigarette. Remember you gave up.

Kerinci 2014 Stats

Kerinci 2014 Stats

Then you heave a sigh of relief as you recall that Outputs is actually Results and Evaluation is what you do routinely every month anyway – how did we do? Did we do good. If not, why not?  And that Indicators are almost the same as Results – sorry I mean Outputs – but not quite and so you have a cup of coffee instead. Strong.

And you make a start. Hmm. Ok. How many patrols did we conduct in 2014? (111) and how many Sumatran tiger records did the teams make in the course of those patrols (100) and across what distance (a bit over 1000 miles, in total, on foot,  in the tropical forests of the Barisan mountain range which are quite hilly you know.)

Meanwhile you’ve had a spirited (Ok, heated) discussion with colleagues regarding the SMART patrol maps and the SMART patrol data recapitulation they sent which are almost the same – but not quite as previous years because you want to know if you are making a Difference (Impacts) and you want to compare same with same (Indicators)  ..or are they Outputs

Oh humf. Give up giving up smoking.  Again.

Then, just as you are making headway on Activities:  Forest Patrols – having decided to compare Outputs and Indicators in 2014 with the previous five years and not just the previous year to see what changes have occurred – you do something really stupid like opening up the investigations log.

Two days later, after every TPCU unit leader has received multiple phone calls to cross check how many active tiger snares were destroyed on the basis of ‘tip offs’ from community informants or other investigations (just under  85% park-wide) and how many on routine patrols,  something else catches the eye.

Jay with an active tiger snare

Jay with an active tiger snare

Three days later you are compiling graphs to show changes in poaching threat to tigers at a temporal level over five years …but, for that,  you need to show how poaching of deer changed  in time too  (70% of all active deer snares recorded in 2014 detected in the six weeks before Idul Fitri) and mysteriously,  one packet of cigarettes doesn’t seem to last as long as it used to, hmm, maybe ‘they’ are using accelerants.

And thats just Patrols.  There are still all those interesting illegal wildlife trade Investigation results …sorry, outputs – to go through –more than 80 over the course of 2014 ..Who is responsible for the surge in threat to wild tigers in this area of Sumatra?   Why has threat risen so sharply – and when did it really start? And where and what is the source of demand?????

…And then all the rest of the team’s activities, the human-wildlife conflict mitigations activities,  wildlife crime law enforcement  (two tiger traders arrested and prosecuted,  two more prosecuted in 2014 after being arrested late in 2013) not to mention activities and outputs from working with other organisations  (one does try to avoid using the word ‘Stakeholder’ given its unfortunate connotation with large, sharp sticks..)

But we’re getting there ..we’re getting there…honestly!  Now, just one last look through and..Hmm. Thats interesting….



Smoking furiously, February 2015