Sumatran Tiger Protection – UPDATE

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This is a particularly busy time for the Tiger Protection Rangers in Sumatra.  We are almost at the end of Ramadan now, a period that traditionally sees a huge increase in the number of snares laid in the forest.

In Indonesia, Ramadan concludes with huge Idul Fitri celebrations where, after a month of fasting, it is tradition to journey home and have huge celebratory meals.  In forest communities especially, deer and pig are the sought after meats, however, snares laid for these animals can also trap, injure or kill tigers too.

This is only a minor threat in comparison to ‘poach-to-order’ criminals taking advantage of the lessened security during the fasting period.

The FFI Tiger Protection teams work extremely hard to avert these threats during Ramadan, and to incentivise the teams, Debbie Martyr (FFI TPCU Manager) holds an annual competition for the Sumatran Tiger Protection Units called the Great Kerinci Snare Sweep.  The six units compete to clear the most snares and cover the most ground, and are awarded points based on what they seize during this period.   We will be posting a blog with this years results shortly.

Thanks to all you wonderful supporters we’ve been able to give the Tiger Protection Conservation Units an extra special treat this year.  Many of you donated a message of thanks, that we turned into a giant banner that has now finally made its way to the jungle!  We had this lovely message and initial photos from Debbie;

“The guys in the photograph(s) see attached got out of the forest the night before this photograph was taken and a couple of hours later were on way to Bangko for final pre Eid briefings… so all their smart TPCU uniforms hanging out to dry behind the Mess or not even washed yet while this photo is missing five people who were still in the field in Merangin (175Km) …..

The team ‘re-forms’ on 28 July and then we’ll get more super duper more formal photographs at the Mess in Bangko and I will then send the poster down to Bengkulu so the three Units in Seblat also get to see this lovely piece of art work.

They were so impressed and so thank you everybody for this gesture.

Meanwhile I attach two pictures for you so that you and everybody who contributed knows that the teams know and are so grateful fr the message of support”

21CT Poster some of Jambi teams with lovely Poster For 21st Century first pix of boys and poster

I’d just like to say a big thank you again to everyone who got involved with this – I am sending you all out little thank you certificates today!  Obviously, while financial donations are necessary to keep these projects running – it is nice to be able to offer a motivational gift to these heroes out there saving tigers every day and I would like to personally thank you all for being part of this.  It’s great to see the guys smiling!

If you missed out on sending your own message, you can still donate to, or sponsor a Tiger Protection Unit and help us eradicate poaching in this area.

Crissie x