World Wildlife Conservation Day 2015

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Despite whatever evils are happening in the world, how amazing is it to know, that each and every single day, there are brave men and women who have quite literally devoted their lives to conservation work? Whether that be front line anti-poaching units, administration staff that have left their homelands to work in remote parts of the world, scientists, researchers or interns.
I’ve been working on a presentation to give to some students all about anti-poaching. I have watched some heartbreaking videos, I’ve had to leave the office to have a cry at some of the pictures and the stories. This is the reality.
Conservation work can be heartbreaking, badly paid and thankless work.
BUT, we still do it. We do it for the love. We do it for the hope. We do it because we do truly believe we can and will make a difference. Not only for us but the generations to come.
So today is World Wildlife Conservation Day. We won’t patronise you and ask you to sign pointless pledges and petitions.
We won’t share graphic images to shock you into donating.
We just ask you to share this message of hope, we are not all doomed.
We can reverse damage we have caused our wildlife and planet, and all it takes is small contributions from each of us.
Together we can bring change.
I’ll leave you this quote from Hillary Clinton’s address from 2012 when she officially declared 4th December Wildlife Conservation Day.  Thanks for reading, Crissie x
“Wildlife cannot be manufactured. And once it’s gone, it cannot be replenished. Those who profit from it illegally are not just undermining our borders and our economies, they are truly stealing from the next generation,” Hillary Clinton
Tiger photo © Tina Dixon / Background © Wild Sumatrawildlifeconservationday