Toughest ever sanctions against tiger poachers in Indonesia

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arrestTiger Protection and Conservation Units (TPCUs) in Kerinci Seblat National Park are proud to announce that they have secured the toughest ever penalties seen in Indonesia against  tiger poachers, and a tiger trader.

This was a team effort, helped by your continued support and donations.  The severity of the sentences handed down to these criminals indicates that the Indonesian government is making positive steps to deter wildlife criminals.

We’re so proud to be a very small part of this huge effort, from tip-off, to arrests, right through to the final stages of prosecution and sentencing.  WELL DONE TEAM.

Full details are below in a letter from the FFI Tiger Protection Team Manager.  Don’t forget your donations are what make this possible – please give generously and help us give wild tigers a future.

“Dear friends

We have now finally received the formal registered verdict of North Bengkulu district Court regarding the individuals arrested in a joint law enforcement by the Kerinci Seblat Tiger Protection & Conservation team and Mukomuko district police in early January.

Now this is all formal!

Offender 1: Anzuar Annas – known as “Aan’, 36 years old, occupation farmer, Pondok Baru village, Mukomuko district of Bengkulu.

 Verdict:   Sentenced to four years imprisonment, a fine of Rp60m (US$4,521)

This is the highest sentence of which we are aware under current Indonesian wildlife protection legislation which currently recommends a maximum sentence of 5 years and Rp100,000m.

This individual was the poacher who snared and killed the tiger in mid December 2015 which was seized as evidence during the intelligence led law enforcement action on Jan 8th in Mukomuko.

Offender 2:  Sudirman alias Buyung Gadang aged 52 years, occupation farmer of Sungai Ipuh village, Mukomuko district of Bengkulu

Verdict: Sentenced to three years imprisonment and with a subsidiary fine of Rp30m or, if not paid, additional gaol time

The difference in sentencing reflects that Aan was the poacher of the tiger skin and bones seized as evidence in this law enforcement action while Sudirman alias Buyung Gadang was the intermediary proposing to sell the evidence.

Law enforcement was launched after a long-running covert investigation by TPCU personnel into serious poaching threat to tigers recorded in the south west of the national park on patrols.

The court was aware that Buyung Gadang alias Sudirman was – on the basis of PHS KS investigations – the king pin link/leader of at least two tiger poaching syndicates operating in the south west of Kerinci Seblat National Park but had to use the available evidence for sentencing purposes which showed that Aan was the poacher who killed this female tiger and that BG was the criminal intermediary and not the poacher.

These are the stiffest sentences ever handed down under current Indonesian wildlife law which proscribes a maximum 5 years sentence and Rp100m fine and (obviously!) the highest ever handed down in a PHS KS law enforcement legal verdict where the previous record was three years in 2005 but that verdict in part based on the fact that the offenders were also armed so illegal firearms played a part in that.

Debbie – and team