Ramadan and tigers

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Each year, the FFI Tiger Protection Teams in Sumatra, Indonesia face greater instances of snares in the protected area of Kerinci Seblat National Park. Poachers take advantage during the fasting season, indiscriminately laying snares in the hope that as well as deer they will catch their main prize; the Sumatran Tiger.

To combat the poachers, Tiger Protection Units work tirelessly in competition against each other to see who can find and destroy the most snares.  Points are awarded depending on the type of snare found, i.e. 500 points – active tiger snares, 50 points – active deer snares, 20 points –  deer snares under construction and 5 -points for  bird snares.

We call this the ‘Great Kerinci Snare Sweep!’.  This year special congratulations to ‘M’ and his Unit for destroying eight active tiger snares!  Read below for full blog, photos and breakdown of patrols from Debbie Martyr, Tiger Protection Team Manager.  Your donations are vital to the success of this work – thank you all for your continued support.


First prize  in the Great Kerinci Snare Sweep 2016  to M Rozali and his ffi_GKSS16_1team seen below,  in the team’s Kerinci basecamp with the eight active tiger snares (@ 500 points per snare) found and destroyed on two intelligence driven patrols ..fortunate indeed..in both sites (one in an area never previously patrolled)  Sumatran tiger were present on the basis of pugmarks and other secondary signs on both of these anti poaching patrols

And, in the sack in front of Suhardi (kneeling),  the 18 active deer snares destroyed on a patrol which also yielded two active tiger snares..

It was, of course, the deer snares that done it, so that M and his team (Jambi TPCUs) just pipped Seven X and his team (Bengkulu TPCUs) to first prize in the 2016 Great Kerinci Snare Sweep with even though X and his team destroyed nine active tiger snares to M’s eight .

Selamat Hari Raya guys (Eid ul Fitri greetings). Nice work.

2  Second prize – Seven X and his team ffi_GKSS16_2 – at the Bengkulu teams’ mess in Seblat  with the nine active tiger snares recorded and destroyed on a patrol (and yes, a tiger was present here too) launched on the basis of information – supplied to TPCU leader Endi Mistanto – who then had to pass the patrol to Seven X and spend the next few days with his gravely ill mother in hospital (she is now on the mend)

And finally…third prize to  Muslim and his TPCU team . ffi_GKSS16_3  A heavily pregnant  Red Muntjak rescued from a poacher’s snare (see below) and released, a total of 148 active deer snares destroyed and 137 bird snares – set for forest pheasant and other ground birds by the same hunters responsible for the snared muntjak and yes, the TPCU tracked the hunters down using their forest skills.. They were searched but there was no evidence on them for full formal arrest  but they received formal legal warnings.

Apparently one of them muttered that his next door neighbour  had said he shouldn’t bother anymore,  that the TPCUs would find his snares and destroy them but he decided to go ahead anyway…..I wonder if that was Dion’s informant!

Yes, a lot  of tiger – and deer snares in one month even though Ramadan is a month when threat to deer traditionally – or at least in the past – escalates in some areas (due to market demand for meat to break the Fast) but patrol records for 2016 do appear to show poaching threat to tigers has slowed compared with the last two years while the days when 25% or more of all  TPCU patrols –and higher during Ramadan – recorded active snare poaching threat to deer seem now to have gone

Selamat Hari Raya!.

Muslim and  his TPCU team on patrol in national park forests in Jangkat, Merangin in the east of the national park