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Sumatran Tiger News – Successful tiger release in Sumatra 

‘A conflict female tiger named “Gadis Liku” (which loosely translates to twisted girl!) was captured by the Sumatra Barat’ BKSDA in June 2016 and was temporarily transferred to Bukit Tinggi Zoo before it could be relocated back to West Sumatra.

This video shows the long translocation journey…

ZSL Indonesia, was asked to provide a GPS Collar for the tiger so she could be monitored after the release. The collar was successfully installed on the 9th of August 2016 in order to acclimatise the tiger to it prior to the release. General examinations were also taken during the collar installation i.e blood sampling and body morphometry. The tiger was released on the 31st of August 2016, in the vicinity of Kerinci Seblat NP.

Gadis Liku will continue to be monitored to track her movements as she reestablishes her territory.

Check out the full length tiger release video taken by Dr Faisal of ZSL Indonesia 

Credits to BKSDA, ZSL Indonesia, Yayasan Arsari Djojohadikusomo and all those involved on the ground in this conservation action.

*More Info – Human Wildlife Conflict

This is considered a major threat to survival to wild tigers.  Where viable habitat is isolated into smaller pockets of land and tiger prey is depleted, tigers have been know to roam into forest edge villages to prey on livestock.

Human Tiger Conflict is core part of the FFI Tiger Protection Team project in Sumatra. In 2015 all human-tiger conflicts recorded and responded to, related to tigers moving in and through forest-edge farmland with the exception of one case where a tiger was frequently seen crossing the Bukit Tapan road – which crosses through the national park from Kerinci to neighbouring Pesisir Selatan district of West Sumatra – and caused alarm to some motor cyclists. No reports or records of livestock predation were received. (Read more in the full report)