Traders apprehended, skin of a young female tiger seized in Sumatra

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We are delighted to share news from Debbie and the FFI / Kerinci Seblat Tiger Protection Conservation Units (TPCUs) in Sumatra, that a successful Law Enforcement (LE) action was carried out on the evening of Sunday 23 April.

The main target was a middle-aged man operating from a town to the north of the national park in West Sumatra province, who became a focus of TPCU investigations early in 2017 as a suspected source of trade-driven threat to tigers in the north of Kerinci Seblat National Park.


As investigations proceeded it became clear this man was part of a wider network trading both tiger and elephant ivory in three provinces of central Sumatra. 

The undercover investigation came to a dramatic end in Muara Bungo, 100km north of the Jambi TPCU’s Bangko base camp in Jambi province, one of four that Kerinci Seblat spans (see map),  when the TPCU team joined forces with Bungo police division to launch arrests as part of law enforcement.

As the combined law enforcement team closed in, the main target,  a trader from  Solok city, attempted to evade capture by TPCUs and Police, swiftly escaping on foot, through the thick undergrowth on the road side.  Jambi TPCU Coordinator Aaan determined not to lose their main suspect gave chase, emerging from the thickets a short while later, the suspect in hand, to roaring applause from Bungo Police and his team mates.

A second man,  a trader operating out of the Duri area of Riau to the north-east of Bukit Tigapuluh national park was less swift of foot and arrested on-sight. The skin of a young female tiger, suspected to have been poached in Bukit Tigapuluh National Park was seized.

We eagerly await details of their sentencing.

This particular Law Enforcement Action highlights the formidable task TPCUs face apprehending not only poachers but the “middle-men” traders and king-pins of the criminal syndicates driving wildlife crime.

Check out our infographic guide that breaks down the basics of Law Enforcement in Kerinci Seblat National Park:

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