Lingkar Institute – Update

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21st Century Tiger supports specialist Tiger Protection & Conservation Units (TPCU) in and around the National Park under a partnership between Fauna & Flora International and Kerinci Seblat National Park (KSNP). 

However, because of the size of the national park, some areas lack routine patrols and capacity to adequately protect the area.  Consequently,  tigers in some areas of the National Park are very vulnerable to poaching.

This serious problem will be addressed by the Lingkar Institute in a strategically important district in the south-west of the national park in Bengkulu province where at least three tigers are known to have died in snares in 2015.

The project builds collaborations between local & national government agencies and respected local community and religious leaders to strengthen tiger conservation.   

The first objective of the project is to widely socialise a National Fatwa or religious instruction, No 4. 2014.  issued by the Indonesia Council of Muslim Scholars or Majelis Ulama Indonesia which forbids the hunting and trade of rare and endangered wildlife.  Work to achieve this is well under way, with a significant amount of local press coverage.[1] 

The second objective is to train and deploy a locally-developed wildlife protection Rapid Response Unit that will provide much-needed support to Units in the Bengkulu district of the National Park.  Lingkar has signed a formal MoU with the KSNP authority which will support project activities for a three years period from March 28, 2017.

The latest update from the field, “Lingkar Institute conducted training for its field team in February and early March with training in SMART patrol method for the patrol field team assisted by the PHS KS TPCU team.  Training for Lingkar members in information collection and wildlife crime investigations was also conducted and the Lingkar team now has the capacity to commence wildlife crime and poaching threat investigations in the project area.  With a formal agreement in place with the national park, the first forest patrol composing personnel from Lingkar Institute, KSNP and local police will be conducted at the end of March.

Wildlife crime investigations to identify suspected poachers, in particular, tiger poachers,  have now commenced in Lebong, building on and extending information already held by TPCUs and a database of suspected poachers and areas believed at threat is now under development,   The Lingkar team is working closely with the PHS KS tiger protection team with the two teams sharing and discussing investigation results including decisions on which team is best placed to advance investigation.”

The first three patrols which have taken place have each discovered evidence of tigers in the landscape.


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