12 tiger poachers arrested & convicted on Sumatra

Posted on Dec 21, 2017 in News | Comments Off on 12 tiger poachers arrested & convicted on Sumatra

21st Century Tiger supported two projects in and around the second largest National Park on Sumatra, Kerinci Seblat.  A new project “Protecting the Sumatran Tiger in Bengkulu” and “Kerinci Seblat Tiger Protection“, now in its 17th year of support!  The Park is home to the second largest breeding (or source) population of wild tigers in Indonesia and covers nearly 14,000 km2 and is a priority area for tiger conservation.

The habitat is dense, mountainous and pretty remote, and, although it is a protected area it is still constantly under threat from large and small-scale encroachment, large-scale road building plans and illegal activity such as mining and land clearance. Here, the core area of the park is being protected by six anti-poaching teams made up of National Park staff, coordinated by Fauna & Flora International and funded through various grants, including one provided by your donations.

This is a project that is often held up as a successful example, as it manages to mix good management, science with a focus on law enforcement and investigations. 2016 and 2017 have seen a decline in the number of snares detected in the core area of the park as the teams, in conjunction with the local police and forestry department have arrested and successfully prosecuted over 12 tiger poachers and traders.

The Bengkulu project has provided a tremendous resource to the Kerinci Tiger Protection Team, allowing them to focus on bolstering protection in the swathes of the protected area that are not regularly patrolled.  

You can read the interim 2017 Kerinci Seblat Tiger Protection Team report here, and the latest from the team in Bengkulu here.