Global Tiger Patrol

For 15 years Global Tiger Patrol (GTP) worked in partnership with the Zoological Society Of London as 21st Century Tiger. Founded in 1989, GTP was a UK registered charity prioritising protection of the tiger in the wild. They drew upon advice from many of the World’s pre-eminent experts; GTP supported the tiger conservation activities of local communities, scientific researchers and the efforts of local guides and naturalists. The Charity was run by volunteers to ensure that the maximum amount of money raised reaches their chosen projects.

GTP worked across the tiger range through its partnership with 21st Century Tiger but concentrated its own work in India focusing on people-centred conservation, believing that working with, and gaining the support and cooperation of those living in and around the tiger’s habitat, were the best way for the future.

GTP’s expertise was tigers but its conservation work helped save Asia’s animals and eco-systems – from elephants and rhinos to ants and beetles. As the tiger is at the top of the food chain, nature can only thrive under its umbrella. If the insects and animals that pollinate trees and fertilise the ground die out, the survival of the forests and jungles will be threatened.

GTP were the founders of Travel Operators For Tigers (TOFT) that focuses on the protecting tiger habitat against the impacts tourism can have on fragile ecosystems. In time, this part of GTP overshadowed the traditional conservation and it was decided to convert it into a standalone organisation. GTP’s Trustees have always sought to ensure that the Charity was run efficiently and therefore agreed that in order to avoid future duplication of effort and cost,  funds will be passed to and administered entirely by 21st Century Tiger.