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21st Century Tiger is very proud of our patrons!

Andy Rouse – 21stCentury Tiger Ambassador

Andy Rouse – 21st Century Tiger Ambassador

Andy has championed 21st Century Tiger for many years now and we are thrilled to have him as our ’21st Century Tiger Ambassador.’

An inspirational wildlife photographer who is well known the world over, Andy’s photographic style highlights the beauty and gives a unique insight into the natural world. “I am honoured to be a 21st Century Tiger Patron and Ambassador and will continue my fundraising and awareness work to support their excellent work. To survive tigers need friends like 21st Century Tiger.”

In 2010 Andy won the Gerald Durrell award for Endangered Wildlife in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award for one of his extraordinary tiger images. It is his eighth consecutive award in the competition in the past six years.

Andy’s award winning prints and book are available through his website and a percentage of the profits support wild tiger conservation.

Liz Bonnin – 21st Century Tiger Patron

Liz Bonnin

We are delighted to have Liz Bonnin as a 21st Century Tiger Patron. Many will be familiar with Liz from her fantastic work as a television presenter. At 21st Century Tiger we have the added bonus of knowing Liz as a wild animal biologist who completed her masters at the Zoological Society of London. Liz has immense passion for big cat conservation and travelled to Nepal to study tigers for her research project.

I have been passionate about tigers for as long as I can remember and have been lucky enough to witness them in the wild in India and carry out a research project on their conservation in Nepal. The more I learn about these magnificent creatures, the more in awe I am of them and all that they represent on this planet.  The plight of tigers is a deeply saddening reflection of mankind’s view of the world we live in. Allowing them to become extinct is simply unacceptable. It has been a privilege to learn from the ZSL conservationists dedicated to stopping this from happening and I am truly honoured to be a patron of 21st Century Tiger.”

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Gus Christie – 21st Century Tiger Patron

Gus Christie

Having had the privilege of spending 6 weeks in Bandavgarh National Park in India filming tigers I have experienced at first hand the majesty and beauty of these magnificent animals and I am delighted to be a 21st Century Tiger Patron”.

Gus Christie, Executive Chairman of Glyndebourne and Wildlife Cameraman.




Ruth Padel – 21st Century Tiger Patron

Ruth looking for tigers in Sumatra and finding an ancient megalith of mating tigers

Ruth Padel first became involved with 21st Century Tiger when researching her book Tigers in Red Weather about her journey searching for the most elusive and beautiful animal the tiger.

Ruth is most famous for her poetry and writing skills, as well as her ventures as a radio broadcaster.

Ruth has a keen interest in animals and their welfare, being on the council at The Zoological Society of London and a member of Bombay Natural History Society. She has also expressed her passion through a series of radio essays about wildlife and also others about her great great grandfather Charles Darwin.

Tigers are our greatest symbol of the wild. They are also real animals trying desperately to raise their young in increasingly fragile environments. One of the world’s most important teams world helping them do that is 21st Century Tiger.”

” 21st Century Tiger helped me in 2001, when I set out to write a book about tigers in the different forests where they still live, and today is doing a wonderful job supporting frontline conservationists, people raising their own families alongside wild tigers, and tigers themselves.”


 Michael J Vickers – 21st Century Tiger Patron


Michael J Vickers

Photographer Michael J Vickers has long been a supporter of our work and has been a generous supplier of beautiful tiger photographs.

“My passion for tigers began fourteen years ago when I had the opportunity to visit two of India’s tiger reserves.  I was moved by the sheer power and beauty of this magnificent animal.  I have returned to India every year since to photograph tigers in their natural forest habitat.

I am delighted to support 21st Century Tiger in its quest to help save Asia’s wild tiger population for future generations”


Michael’s photographs can be viewed at   www.tigersintheforest.co.uk