Amur Tiger conservation in Zov Tigra National Park 2011-2012

This project is fully-funded by:
Kolmarden Fundraising Foundation

The Zov tigra (“Tiger’s Call” or “Roar of the Tiger”) National Park was established in Primorye, Russian Far East in 2007 and officially registered in 2008. The 200,000-acre park protects the big cat’s habitat while simultaneously allowing for nature tourism. Zov Tigra NP includes a watershed part of the Sikhote-Alin Mountains and the upper reaches of the Ussurka, Milogradovka, and Kievka rivers. It is a juncture of three districts, Olginsky, Lazovsky and Chuguevsky with the highest point of Primorsky region – Oblachnaya Mountain – in the centre.  This is a critical area for biodiversity and contains as many as 57 rare and endangered  plant species and six mammals listed in the Red Book. The park plays a vital role in Amur tiger protection.

Zov Tigra National Park © Phoenix

Although the park was officially registered in 2008, Russian government funds are insufficient to run the park at full force. The overall goal of this project is to increase the effectiveness of anti-poaching efforts related to Amur tigers in Zov Tigra National Park through funding; Phoenix  supplements these funds to strengthen anti-poaching and habitat protection activities in Zov Tigra National Park by providing:

  1. Support for regular anti-poaching patrols
  2. continue to work with Monitoring Information system (MIST) since it was officially launched in August 2011
  3. Rangers with vehicle and fuel
  4. Feeding stations for ungulates
  5. Prevention of forest fires

Phoenix  also engages with local communities and children through formal talks and education on the park and environmental awareness. Further activities taken whilst patrolling include preserving eco-trails, building bridges and creating a winter wildlife census of Zov Tigra National Park.

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