Our Fundraisers


21st Century Tiger have a gorgeous range of  certificates for our fundraisers.

These certificates will be issued to all those donating over £500.
They will be issued in:

  • Bronze £500 – £1000
  • Silver £1001 – £2500
  • Gold £2501 –   £5000
  • Platinum £5001 and above


  1. David A Philips
  2. Andy Leeb
  3. Ben Wadmore
  4. William Waggott
  5. Victor Majzik
  6. Vedram Krokar
  1. Selatan Crafted Giftware
  2. Photography for Big Cats

Thank you also to the James Gibson Charitable Trust


Previous Fundraisers

Take a look at some of our Previous Fundraising  stories and see what our amazing supporters have been up to.

Thank you!

Who are our fundraisers? Take a look!