Tiger Animals in Art

‘Fabulously uncute books. Skipwith has chosen brilliant, diverse illustrations from Durer’s rhino to Dali’s tiger …’– The Observer

Animal and art lover Joanna Skipwith has produced a wonderful book about tigers, with the aim of raising awareness and money to help protect them from extinction in the wild.

This book Tigers Animal in Art,  includes beautiful paintings from all over the world, both contemporary and ancient, and by both famous and unknown artists. You will find masterpieces by Rubens and Salvador Dali and Diego from Ice Age. It will also give you an insight into the life of the tiger with information such as what they eat, where they live and which bits are used in traditional Chinese medicines. The book is designed for a wide range of ages and people, from eight and above, with the hope that you will discover how fascinating tigers are and the threats they face.

50% of the cover price of this book, if it’s bought from 21st Century Tiger, will go towards tiger projects, to help ensure the survival of tigers in the wild.

The book is hardback and has been produced in the UK by a printer that is leading the field in environmental efficiency.

The cost is £9.99 per copy plus £2.50 packing and delivery (UK only) per copy.

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