Fully Funded Projects

21st Century Tiger have  a special limited new category of project funding which is called “fully-funded projects”.

Where a zoo has an existing relationship with an implementing agency and they wish to maintain, or wish to “own” an area of work, and can afford to do so, then they can do it within 21st Century Tigers’ portfolio.

We are setting a lower limit of $15,000 US a year in order to ensure this is restricted to the larger funders.

21st Century Tiger have developed this concept in order to assist  zoos and donors who would like to benefit from our rigorous review process and administration.

‘Fully-funded project’ reports will be posted on the 21st Century Tiger’s website along side all other reports however they will be clearly identified as ‘Fully Funded’. This will help keep our broad range of supporters up to date with all our grantees projects as well as ensuring the zoo funder is prominently credited.

All the administration for these projects will continue to be dealt with through 21st Century Tigers’ office including keeping track of financial & reporting matters. Implementing agencies will send their reports to 21st Century Tiger, cc’d to the supporting zoo, and may maintain independent contact with the supporting zoo.