Earn your stripes – Global Tiger Day!

What are your plans for tiger day? Why not wear stripes, donate, save tigers!

We’re encouraging tiger supporters to don stripes this Tiger Day, 29 July.  Earn your stripes and go one step further and get your team or office involved too!  We’ve broken down how to arrange your own work place event:

  1. Speak to your boss or management, do they mind you involving your team, department or whole company?  If they need gentle encouragement, you email them our press release about the importance of Tiger Day, or send them this cute tiger pic! (If they’re feeling extra generous, why not see if they’ll match fund whatever you raise?!
  2. Tiger Day

    Wear stripes this tiger day

    Got the go ahead? Great stuff, now you need to inform your colleagues. Use our template and/or print off posters for your kitchen and communal areas to advertise your event  Don’t forget to send a reminder to your team or office the day before!

  3. On the 29th, we want you to wear something stripy or even go wild and dress like a tiger! Don’t forget to send us photos of you and your colleagues in your stripy gear! (Check out our fundraising gallery below for ideas!)
  4. Don’t forget to donate!  Whilst you will probably collect cash, please do not post it to us!  You can donate via paypal, send a cheque or contact us for bank details.