Watercolour Auction: Jackie Morris

Well –  Debbie from Beaconsfield  pulled out at the last minute so we are really grateful to Rob O’Connor who was not only the first to bid, but the second highest bidder and was very happy to snap up this beautiful painting! Debbie very kindly made up the difference so we raised £2, 150.

“I am very pleased to support this worthwhile cause by bidding for a painting by one of the best illustrators in the UK today, namely Jackie Morris.  Good luck with your work for Tiger Conservation”

– Rob O’Connor

Artist, author,  illustrator and lover of all things cat, Jackie Morris,  donated her original watercolour  from the book I am Cat, written by Jackie Morris, for an auction in aid of wild tiger conservation.

Tiger by Jackie Morris

(53 x 36cm)

From the 30th of September,  to celebrate International Tiger Day, 21st Century Tiger held a donation auction for this beautiful watercolour through our website.The Auction ended 12pm Monday the 15th of October.


“Even though in my lifetime I may never ever see a tiger in the wild my world is a richer place for knowing that these wonderful creatures are there.
21st Century Tiger is a rare organisation working to protect the habitat of the tigers in harmony with the people who live alongside them, and also rare in that 100% of all money given to them goes towards their projects rather than being eaten up by admin costs. It is my hope that when I have grandchildren tigers will still walk through their dreams and through the forests of the world as living creatures and not something from history, creatures of myth.”
Jackie Morris


Read more about Jackie Morris at her blog or visit her Facebook Page.

I am Cat  can be bought through your local bookshop or online from Amazon.