London to Paris – tigers

London to Paris bike ride in aid of 21st Century Tiger

London to Paris 9

A cycle ride accessible for all with Global Challenge Adventures.

Did you watch this years’ Tour de France? Why not be there among the action in 2018?

Don your lycra and hit the tarmac – sign up for our epic 21st Century Tiger Challenge event and cycle from London to Paris in time to watch the finish. Ask your friends and family to sponsor you and your donation will help us protect tigers in the wild.

London to Paris 17Over 4 days you will cover 300 miles, but don’t worry you don’t have to carry your luggage and accommodation and food is included in the deal. All you will need is your own bike and travel insurance.

This is a self-funded event as 21st Century Tiger is a small organisation and we give 100% of what we receive to the field projects, so think of it as a holiday with extras. The cost is £964 and there is no minimum sponsorship amount required.



London to Paris bike ride –  A challenge event for tigersending in Paris to watch the final day of the Tour de France!  18th – 22nd July 2018.

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21st Century Tiger

One hundred years ago 100,000 wild tigers roamed throughout Asia, now there could be as few as 3,200. In the last 100 years Asia’s wild tiger range has shrunk by 93% and 40% of that happened in the past ten years.

The time to act is now!

21st Century Tiger channels money raised by the public, international zoo community and corporate supporters, to carefully chosen wild tiger conservation projects which provide the best conservation value and make the most difference. Wild tigers are under threat of extinction across their whole range from habitat degradation and fragmentation, depletion of prey animals and poaching to supply a large illegal global trade in their body parts. The projects we support focus on these major threats.