Tiger Stripe Activities


  • Every tiger has completely unique stripe patterns, markings and colouring. This makes it easy to identify individuals by their stripes, much like a human fingerprint.

We’ve made a little game to see if you can identify these tigers by their stripes.

Sort these photos into two piles and get visitors to try and match the pairs!

 You can print these yourself by clicking on the photo below.  Laminate and keep to use again and again!


Playing the game at Tiger Territory 2015









Tiger Stripe Fun Facts

  • A tigers stripes provide camouflage when stalking prey in long grass.


  • Their stripes aren’t just part of their fur, they are caused by pigmentation in the skin.SkinDeep
  • Different subspecies may have certain characteristics which make them easy to identify.  amur_vs_sumatranIn this photo you can very clearly see the differences between the Amur & Sumatran tiger.

Amur tigers tend to be lighter, with thinner stripes. Sumatran tigers have much darker fur and thicker stripes.