Tiger Conservation


FFI Syamsul and team Oct 11

The Kerinci Seblat team tiger planning meeting © FFI

Tiger Conservation

21st Century Tiger supports tiger conservation projects in many of the 13 tiger range countries.  Projects receiving long-term support are in Russia, India and Sumatra but projects are supported in other core tiger conservation landscapes.   Projects in Russia are supported through ALTA our sister organisation.

All proposals submitted to 21st Century Tiger for funding are rigorously examined by a panel of international experts, to whom we are very grateful. The projects must have sound practical, scientific and conservation value and use local staff wherever possible. 21st Century Tiger is particularly proud of its record of funding new projects. Over 100 grants have been awarded since 1997, and more are currently being assessed by our advisers.

Tiger Projects

Details on our past and present projects can be found organized by region in the relevant section on the right hand task bar, full downloadable project reports also available.

Tiger Facts

For an overall understanding of  the need for tiger conservation take a look at our Tiger Facts Page

Conservation Articles

We also have a list of relevant and interesting conservation articles and academic papers.
Take a look at our tiger conservation papers.