Tiger Projects Malaysia

Tiger Projects Malaysia


Our tiger projects in Malaysia support the Panthera tigris jacksoni (Malayan tiger).  The species is only found in Malaysia, Southeast Asia.  Only recently recognised in 2004 as a separate subspecies of tiger, there are thought to be approximately 300 wild  Malayan tigers left in the Malay Peninsula.

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Past Projects

MYCAT Citizen Action for Tigers

Citizen Action for Tigers (CAT)  involves citizen conservationists protecting this important tiger habitat. While enjoying recreational activities in a wilderness setting, the volunteers deter poaching with “boots on the ground”, save wildlife by removing snares, and support law enforcement by becoming the “eyes and ears”.


MYCAT  The Malayan tiger conservation programme 2006 – 07

This project built on conservation partnerships in Malaysia to focus work on the key areas of reducing trafficking and poaching of tigers and their prey and raising awareness through programmes in Malaysian zoos.  By collaborating to produce the Malayan Tiger Conservation Action Plan,  MYCAT  provided the direction and specific action required to ensure the survival of the Malayan tiger.