Tiger Day 2017 – Earn YOUR Stripes!

How will you earn YOUR stripes this year?

This year, 21st Century Tiger turns its focus to raising funds and awareness for Anti-Poaching units and Law Enforcement for Global Tiger Day 2017.

Despite the global trend of growth and movement towards stabilisation in wild tiger populations, their position remains fragile with fewer than 4000 individuals spread across Asia.  

Poaching is one of the greatest threats to wild tigers. It is an international, organised crime, predominantly driven by rich, well connected ‘kingpins’ who consume illegal wildlife products to demonstrate their wealth and status in society.

To give wild tigers a future, we must ensure that our approach to Law Enforcement and Anti-Poaching initiatives are equally organised.

TPCUs, with their first arrested poachers in 2016

Kerinci Seblat National Park, the largest protected landscape on Sumatra, is home to the largest population of Sunda tigers. We support Tiger Protection Conservation Units (TPCUs), who work with local communities to build informant networks and gather intelligence about wildlife crime offences.

Information gathered identifies not only poachers but also traders and kingpins.  The success of the TPCUs approach speaks volumes, in 2016 over 90% of snares the team discovered and destroyed were discovered on intelligence-led patrols.

2017 marks the halfway point in the global agreement to double wild tiger numbers, and it is now more important than ever to renew our mission to stamp out poaching.

Help us continue to snare poachers; donate today, 21stCenturyTiger.org/donate

  • Check out our resources if you want to hold a fundraising event.
  • Join us in wearing stripes on 29th July, to help raise awareness; visit our Facebook page for more information.
  • Visit one of the brilliant zoos supporting 21st Century Tiger on Tiger Day 2017; 

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