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Zoo Support for wild tigers

21st Century Tiger is administered by two zoological charities to help worldwide zoos, members of the public and the corporate sector raise money for wild tiger conservation.

21st Century Tiger is a safe and trusted route for those wanting to support tigers in their natural habitat and uses the best expertise to ensure that the projects have the most conservation value. All transactions are fully transparent and reports from the projects are available through the conservation pages.

Some zoos hold specific fundraising events, others donate a percentage of their conservation funds.

100% of all donations received are donated to conservation

Administration costs are funded through an annual grant from Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation .
In-kind support such as office space and infrastructure support are kindly provided by the Zoological Society of London. Without the support of these organisations 21st Century Tiger would not exist.

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Top 6 Zoo Supporters so far in 2017

Auckland Zoo (NZ) £11,402

Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation (AU) £11,400

Shepreth Wildlife Conservation Charity (UK) £5,150

Parc Le Pal (FR) £4,306

Dartmoor Zoological Park  (UK) £774



Certificates for zoos

21st Century Tiger have a gorgeous range of supporter certificates to recognise the contributions that zoos make to conservation.

Certificates will be issued to all zoos that have raised over £500 to date. The certificates, for display to the public, will show the amount achieved so far that year and total donations in pounds to date. They will also be available in currencies such as Euros, Australian Dollars and US Dollars and they will no longer be restricted to zoos, but available to other major donors as well.

The  certificates will be issued in:

  • Bronze £500 – £1000
  • Silver £1001 – £2500
  • Gold £2501 – £5000
  • Platinum £5001 and above

The annual totals in pounds sterling will be recorded throughout the year on the website alongside the top 6 supporters overall.

21st Century Tiger for zoos

  • Image library for conservation and education
  • Presentations
  • Posters and handouts
  • Help with facts and information for interpretation

If you are a zoo who would like to get involved  please contact us for further information.

Zoo donors

For more details download our complete ZooDonationReportforWeb